Note: The colour inside the red circles define the type used by the gym leader.

Magus is the region in Pokemon Magic and Science. It is home to 164 different pokemon. It is divided into 5 parts: Forest, Grasslands, Moutains, Desert, Island.


In the region of Magus, the player is given their starter pokemon by Professor Acacia. After receiving their starter, the player goes off on an adventure to collect the gym badges. After defeating the 7th gym battle, The player has to defeat Team Imbalance who are trying to break the harmony between magic and science.

Cities and TownsEdit

With GymsEdit

  1. Nitrogen Town
  2. Argentym City
  3. Hydrogen Town
  4. Plumbum Town
  5. Silicon Town
  6. Ferrum Town
  7. Titanium Town
  8. Bismuth City

Without GymsEdit

  1. Cuprum Town
  2. Aluminium City
  3. Francium City

Other placesEdit

  1. Forbidden Island
  2. Pokemon League

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